Oklahoma Bird Records Committee

Migratory Bird Records Searchable Database

This searchable database provides information about the earliest and latest anticipated dates for  bird species that migrate into or through Oklahoma.  These dates represent time periods considered normal for each species, and are not the earliest or latest known dates of occurrence in the state. The information comes from The Oklahoma Bird  Records Committee of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society, which publishes a Date Guide to the Occurrences of Birds in Oklahoma. This booklet divides Oklahoma into 7 geographic regions, and lists the normal dates of occurrence for each  Oklahoma bird species within each region.

How to search:

Enter a portion of a bird species' name to access the migration records for that or similar species (e.g., searching for "flycatcher" rather than "Willow Flycatcher" will provide search results for all species with "flycatcher" in the name).

Or, enter a month in either the Arrival or Departure fields to obtain the records for bird species that are listed in the Date Guide as having arrival or departure dates during that month.